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The need to alleviate food insecurity, reduce obesity rates, and enhance the health of Garrett County residents is so pressing that every effort must be made to address it now! Applying innovative, fresh approaches and harnessing untapped opportunities is at the core of the Population Health, Innovation & Informatics unit within the Garrett County Health Department. The Garrett County Harvest Hub is no exception. Winning yet another competitive funding award, our team continues to create opportunities to strengthen our local economy, create access for vulnerable populations, and cultivate a community of collaboration.

1) We’re calling on local farmers who have a passion for growing and raising foods that support healthy communities.

2) We’re calling on community members who value local foods, grown by our neighbors and friends.

3) We’re calling on the helpers who want to serve vulnerable community members who are food insecure.

If you fall into one of those three categories, this may be the right fit for you!

To get involved, visit https://bit.ly/gc-farms and fill out the interest form. (If you’ve already submitted an interest form from our prior communication, then you’re good to go!) If you can make it to the meeting on Oct. 26th at 6:30 p.m. (located in the first-floor conference room at the Garrett County Health Department, 1025 Memorial Drive, Oakland, MD), we would love to hear your perspective! The meeting will also be available virtually at https://meet.google.com/bgy-xsyt-zcy.

Don’t forget! – You can also share your voice and be part of the decisions that shape your community by joining mygarrettcounty.com. Search for the action group named Garrett County Harvest Hub to provide additional feedback about this initiative. 

We’re counting on seeing many of you soon! 

About the Garrett County Harvest Hub:

The Garrett County Harvest Hub is a new program created by the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit to increase access to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunities, expand and educate local farmers on SNAP, and improve SNAP recipients’ utilization of local food systems and fresh foods to prevent and reduce chronic diseases.

With Gratitude, 

Shelley Argabrite and John Corbin of the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit

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