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Resources for Farmers

Let’s do more to support our farmers! We started with the Garrett Growers network of farms to supply pop-up markets in remote locations in Garrett County (2022-2023). Let’s continue to invest in farms that grow healthy food that’s affordable and accessible for our community. 

We look forward to working with the new  non-profit, Appalachian Farm & Food Alliance, Inc. It was an effort created through a Maryland Department of Health SPINE funding award and was developed in partnership with the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health, Innovation & Informatics unit, the Health Planning Council (MD’s Local Health Improvement Coalition), Garrett County Government, University of Maryland Extension – Garrett County, Garrett County Economic Development (Agricultural Business Program), local farmers, and community members. 

Buying local food supports the local economy and keeps our money close to home. That money not only supports our local farmers, it’s also more likely to be reinvested in businesses and services in our communities. Our latest grant award aims to identify more farmers who need support with infrastructure and technical assistance to make their produce available to the local community. 

Current Programs and Initiatives:

Garrett County Harvest Hub

Garrett County Harvest Hub Planning Survey

Local Farmer Funding Opportunity (Garrett County Harvest Hub):

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